Aesthetic Mesotherapy

How do I get beautiful skin?

Do I live a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

  • Stick to a diversified and mixed diet: Low-fat; protein-rich; all essential micronutrients; optionally as organic dietary supplements.
  • Little alcohol; no cigarettes; direct sunlight only when wearing sunscreen; 1/2h of excercise, 3x/week.
  • Wash regularly (2x/day); care with creams (not neccessarily the most expensive ones!); exfoliation; Mesolift.

Dermato cosmetic with anti-aging effects

  • Tretinoin, retinoic acid, or AHA correct skin damage caused by sunlight
  • Vitamins A, C, plus other antioxidants against damage caused by free radicals
  • Rehydrating substances during summer, and lipid regulating ones during winter (protection against cold)

Facial care

Facial masks, exfoliation (e.g. with vitamin A or - more intensive - with glycolic acid), or a microdermabrasion are recommended from age 25. They clean and open the skin to facilitate the absorption of the active ingredients (additional cost: €150-250) The Mesolift perfects and improves the exfoliation for longer lasting rejuvenating effects. It is suitable for the treatment of small wrinkels, slackening skin, poor skin perfusion, and improves the charisma of your skin. A filling is essential when treating deep structural and mimic wrinkles, and to correct uneven or damaged skin (e.g. acne scars). Biosynthetic (non-animal), well-tolerated and resorbable hyaluronic acid is most commonly used to treat such problems.

The Mesolift

For the Mesolift, skin tightening substances are introduced superficially along the wrinkles, and into the entire surface of the face, neck, cleavage and back of the hands, using precision needles. Best suitable are electronic injection systems, as they cause the least pain.  If desired, an anaesthetic cream can be applied additionally. The assortment of active ingredients is composed of combinations of viatmins, minerals, amino acids, perfusion agents, calcitonin and non-linked hyluronic acid respectively. The treatment takes about 20 minutes and should be repeated every 3-6 months. Best results with fragile, dry, or weary skin and fine wrinkles.

Filling in wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

A sterile gel of non-animal origin with cross-linked hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the deeper wrinkles. Preparations of higher concentration may also be used to achieve certain face modelling effects, or to fill in scars. Another field of application is the shaping of lip contours and volume. The high water binding properties of the preparation provide for additional tightening and moisturizing effects. This procedure can be combined with the Mesolift. It lasts for about 9-12 months and may be repeated as often as desired. Possible side effects are: Injection pains, minor bleeding, swellings, redness. No advance testing is required. The treatment can be carried out in a single session (ca. 1/2 hour) and shows immediate effects.

Contraindications of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is neither suitable for injections into muscles, bones or ligaments, nor to increase breast volume. It must not be used when one or more of the following conditions apply: egg protein allergies; acute or chronic skin diseases in the area of treatment; pregnancy or nursing; age <18 years; known intolerance of hyaluronic acid; active autoimmune diseases or immunodeficiencies; Disposition to keloids; Acute acne or major coagulation disorders.

Botulinum toxin, Mesobotox

Mimic wrinkles may affect the appearance as much as structural wrinkles. If contractions of facial muscles are the (main) reason for the formation of wrinkles, they can effectively and sustainably (for as long as 1 year) be smoothed, using a minimum amount of Botulinum toxin. This natural bacterial protein is applied for the treatment of forehead and glabellar wrinkles, crow's feet, sagging corners of the mouth, neck and cleavage wrinkles, and excessive perspiration (particularly of armpits). The injections cause very little pain and are effected into the skin or into the overly active muscle respectively. Effects show within a 3 day period. Tolerability is very good, there are no known allergies. It is not recommended to take muscle relaxants, Aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs concurrently (1 week before and after the treatment). Avoid strong facial expressions and pressure onto the treated areas for 6 hours.

Hair loss

The revitalising cocktail injected into the skin leads to a stimulation and regeneration of the hair roots, thus stopping all forms of hair loss. In case the hair roots are still "alive", new and sustainable hair growth will recommence, often accompanied by improved  hair condition and thickness. Six sessions with one week intervals are needed, followed by three times every two weeks. New hair will appear after three months. Please wash your hair before the treatment and do not dye or perm afterwards for 24h. The scalp is not particularly pain sensitive. Possible disorders such as dandruff and seborrhoea are treated concurrently.

Telangiectasia, varices, stretch marks

In the so called micro sclerosis treatment, vacoconstrictive substances which tighten the connective tissue are introduced in diluted form into the upper layers of the skin, using extremely thin cannulas. In many cases, this causes the red blood vessels to dissappear or to diminish. Even the appearance of fresh (!), i.e. red or pink, stretch marks can be reduced significantly. Cost according to dimensions.

Lose fat stores and cellulite!

If diets and exercise are not enough to reach your desired body shape, mesotherapy and lipolysis can provide effective help without surgery. Provided that there is no general overweight, local injections of fat-dissolving, circulation-enhancing and toning substances can have multiple effects:

  • Improved venolymphatic function (mesodrain) and microcirculation
  • Reduced cellulite, improved "orange peel"-appearance (mesolysis)
  • Reduced fat stores on stomach, waist, double chin, inner and outer thighs, etc. (Lipolysis)
  • Tightened skin surface
  • Treatment of concomittant - and often causal - functional (neurovegetative) disorders caused by excessive stress.

Sessions according to treatment method 1x/week (5x), or every 4-6 weeks (lipolysis) 2-3x. Mesotherapy tackles the causes for cellulite and is, thus, one of the best conservative methods. The destruction of fat cells may occasionally cause haematomata, and minor redness and swellings, accompanied by little pain (similar to aching muscles) which might last for a few days. The released fat circulates through the blood vessels and is egested naturally. This can be helped with digestion stimulating bitter substances. In case of concomitant weakened muscles, interval training with Ultratone is an appropriate and deep-penetrating addition (skin improvement!).

Concept health - beauty - well-being

In the anti-aging field, mesotherapy is an important element which can be sensibly supplemented by other measures. Dietary supplements (anti oxidents, amino acids, vitamins and essential micronutritients), herbal drugs and hormone-like substances have holistic effects (Beauty from the inside out!) and are recommended for prevention purposes. Also, a certain degree of natural sunlight is desirable to brighten your mood, for production of vitamin D and strengthening the immune system. However, too much sunlight without wearing sunscreen is one of the main reasons for premature skin ageing. Regular skin care, 1/2h of exercise in fresh air every day, sufficient amounts of water or tea (2 liters/day), enough sleep, and doing without indulgence foods (e.g. large amounts of coffee, high proof alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) effectively contribute to long lasting well-being. Don't neglect your regular preventive medical checkups, vaccinations, and thorough oral hygiene. And last but not least: care for mental harmony!

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