Curative application fields

Mesotherapy can alleviate and cure a number of diseases from all fields of medicine. In many cases it is used to treat problem cases who cannot or only insufficiently be helped using other methods.

Circulatory or wound healing disorders

Ameliorated microcirculation of tissue leads to good results in the treatment of arterial and venous circulatory disorders and venous ulcers or decubitus ulcers, as much as wound healing or cicatrization problems (e.g. keloid, striae).

Rheumatic disorders, osteoarthritis of all kinds

Chronic joint or spine diseases (with/without contingent neuralgia) respond especially well to mesotherapy. NSAIDs may even be used with patients with a sensitive stomach without causing complications.

Sports injuries and overstress injuries

A main field for mesotherapy: Tendinitis (e.g. Tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis) sprained ankles, bruises and strains are common among homemakers and top athletes alike. Mesotherapy helps them get back in shape quickly.

Immunodeficiencies and reinfections

The special micro-vaccination helps fend off respiratory diseases, and for risk patients it is a reasonable addition to the annual influenza vaccine. Micro-vaccination can be employed with children as young as 2 years and presents no physical stress whatsoever. It protects effectively from bacterial infections such as bronchitis, sinusitis, or pharyngitis. Patients suffering from chronic infections and immunodeficiencies benefit from the stimmulating effects on the immune system, and it can also be used to accompany asthma and mucoviscidosis treatments. The anti-inflammatory effects of low-dose theophylline are scientifically proven, as is the efficacy of micro-vaccinations with ribomunyl.

Stress, exhaustion, sleep disorders

As a treatment for psychosomatic disorders such as stress symptoms, nervousness, burnout, insomnia or depressive moods, mesotherapy may be employed to succesfully support a talking therapy. Interesting apporaches exist in the field of psychoneuroimmunology.   

Headache and migraine

Likewise, good results using mesotherapy have been reached with migraine, tension headache, upper cervical radicular syndrome facial neuralgia, vertigo and tinnitus.

Smoking cessation

Mesotherapy presents a coherent plan for smoking cessation. In this context, microinjections are performed into particular acupuncture points wich leads to immedieate aversion. French specialists reach success rates of 65 – 70% over 2 years, in many cases only requiring a single session (Dr. Walter, Paris).

Presbyopia and presbycusis

An improvement can be reached through the use of special substances - an interesting indication for ophthalmologists and geriatric medicine.

Aesthetic medicine

A big indicator group for mesotherapeutic treatments are phenomena which are not pathologic but are very burdensome for the concerned patients and thus require therapy. In many countries mesotherapy reached its widespread acceptance through the successful treatment of cellulite, hair loss (alopecia), weakness of the connective tissue and wrinkles. Not using any surgical interventions mesotherapy reaches an improved appearance through the intensification of blood and lymphatic circulation and tissue purificaion and regeneration.


In this field, various applications for mesotherapy are found such as dysmenorrhea, pelvipathia spastica, cystalgia , recurrent infections and female infertility. A paper by Dr. Cougniet documents the efficacy in these fields and demonstrates the extraordinary cost effectiveness of this method.


Many French dentists successfully employ mesotherapy e.g. when treating gum or periodontium diseases.

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