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DGM - German Society of Mesotherapy

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the websites of the German Society for Mesotherapy (DGM). Here, you can find up-to-date information about mesotherapy, its applications and its training. Starting next year, mesotherapy classes and literature will also be available for our English-speaking colleagues.

For patients seeking advice, we provide contact details of skilled national and international therapists. To contact me directly, please use our e-mail function. For service regarding medical devices and literature please contact Mr. Bourgett under “Service”. As a non profit association, we are working for the advancement and the expansion of mesotherapy, a versatile and innovative therapy method. We would like to serve as a bridge between mainstream medicine and naturopathy/alternative medicine, combining proven methods from both worlds to create something completely new.

As we attach great importance to the fact that we are independent from the industry, we are exclusively dedicated to the well-being of our patients.

With best regards

Dr. Britta Knoll

We set a high value on our independence of the pharmaceutical industry and feel only committed to our patients' well-being.